Welcome to Torre Specchia Grande!

Whether you are a passionate hiker, an entrepeneur, an association focused on social issues or simply a citizen willing
to know more our territory, discover its secrets of ancient arts, educating and get informed about respecting the
environment, becoming active part in promoting local culture or spend a special day in a location unique in the world, just download and fill in the attached form to request an event at Torre Specchia Grande and follow the steps mentioned in the form. We are looking forward to have you here!

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What We Do

The Unexpected Puglia.


When your explorations need a break, nothing’s better than a drink in front of the sea.


Make your own local recipe and glean the secrets of a centuries-old and multicultural tradition.


We provide full accessibility for hiking, biking and scuba-diving activities in this unique treasure of Puglia.


Imaging, planning and implementing a sustainable vision of the future is our passion.


Come to Torre Specchia Grande for an interesting and fascinating youth experience of voluntary service.


We believe in future and the wind of change blown by our kids. Therefore we focus on their growth.


Gaia has been working in the last 10 years to promote civic action and develop innovation and participation in initiatives that lead to the improvement of the environment, culture and solidarity potential of the territory

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Our territory is our history, our culture, our identity. Our territory is our bearings, our past, present and future. This is why we fight every day to protect it and give to it what it deserves

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